Cookers in Kenya
Factors to consider when buying a cooker

Cost: When buying a cooker one must have a budget considering also the need of the cooker, for a restaurant the cost will be different from the smaller cooker for domestic use.

Space Utilization: Most cookers are stand alone and they require a good space, the space available may dictate the type of cooker on will get.

Energy Efficiency: any cooker that one get should  be energy efficient ,especially the ones that uses electricity.

Material: different cookers are made of different materials that will determine how long it will last and it usability. some are stainless steel, galvanized steel and aluminum. Material of the cooker will also determine its durability.

FUEL: one can choose between, electric cooker, gas cooker or dual fuel cookers, these will help in narrowing it down to ones preference.

Warrant: when buying a cooker one must ensure you get a warranty for the item, this will protect you if the cooker is faulty or breakdown after purchasing it. Also one can get warrant from Authorized dealers.

Aside from simply providing cooking heat, a good cooker should come with features that make your life easier and safer.

For gas cookers, always look out for auto ignition or push button ignition. This will save you from the hassle of using matchsticks or portable lighters.

Brand: In Kenya, there are variety of brands of cookers which are different in price, color, number of burners and many more. some of the brands are VON, Ramtoms, Hisense, Master chef, Bruhm, Nunix and many more.

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