Factor to consider when buying a Fridge.

Cost: prices for fridges in Kenya ranges from as little as KSH 14,000 to KSH 500,000/-. One should have a specific budget that they are willing to spend also depending on your needs. Fridges aren’t for domestic use only also commercial use

Size: its important to know the size of the fridge that ones needs so that you an measure the space it will occupy in your space

Capacity/ Volume : these is the total available space inside the fridge, its also helps in knowing how many litres the fridge is also the available shelves.

Fridge Design: the design of the fridge is the number of doors and location of the freezer in the fridge. Different fridge have different doors style like, single door, double fridge, side by side and French doors models.

Features: its important to know what are the features that a particular fridge has because that will help n narrowing it down to a specific one. these features include temperature control, interior lights, adjustable shelves

Energy Star Rating: these help in knowing the amount of energy different fridges use up, the more starts the more energy efficient the fridge is.

Frost Free (No Frost) cooling over Direct Cooling: these means that there is no ice build up and doesn’t require and manual defrosting, most fridges with Frost free keep food fresh for long time.

Water dispenser and ice maker: Not all fridges in Kenya have built in water dispenser specific models have the water dispenser and the come at a cost so one should consider when doing a purchase

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