Sound Bars

Factors to consider while purchasing a Sound bar

  1. Size – its important to consider the size of the sound bar one wants to buy so that it can blend in with the TV set one has.
  2. Budget – a defined budget determines the type, quality and the size of sound of sound bar on will purchase, also one has to look for one that satisfy their need.
  3. Bluetooth Connectivity – one needs to check if the sound bar supports Bluetooth before making a purchase, Bluetooth aids in sending files to other devices.
  4. Online Access – some sound bar offers streaming services and social network sites, these helps especially to those with TV that don’t have such services.
  5. Location- ensuring that one has enough space for the sound bars because some can be laid on top of a table or shelves, others can be mounted on the way.
  6. Control Panel/Display- this enables clear vision of the inputs that you are on also the volume
  7. Passive vs Active Sound bars- passive sound bars depend on AV receiver to power the sound bar while active sound bar is active and self-amplified
  8. Purchase from an Authorized Dealer- make sure you purchase your sound bar from an authorized dealer where you can get your warrant and avoid fake sound bar.
  9. Brand – when purchasing a sound bar one should know which brand they are going for because it will also determine ones budget.We have several brands that have sound bars, e.g. Sony, JBL, TCL, Hisense, Samsung  and many more

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