1.  Semi-automatic or fully-automatic machine: when getting a washing machine one should know the type they are getting also the cost are different.
  2. Wash settings: washing machines that are fully automatic have different washing but other washing machines are customized manually.
  3. Spin cycle: the spin cycle indicate the number of revolutions’ depending on the fabric  and type of clothes
  4. Efficiency: washing machines should be efficient in terms of saving power and water usage.
  5. Size: washing machine have different sizes, one should consider the size and what they need if it for either domestic work or if its for commercial work
  6. Load capacity: Different washing machines have different loading capacity. one should get one that meets their needs.
  7. if it has a dryer: not all the machines have dryer so once should check first before making a purchase.
  8. Material of the drum: material vary e.g., plastic, stainless steel, or porcelain enamel. These also determines the price of the washing machine.
  9. Is it a top or front load: Top load machines are loaded from the top, whereas front load machines have the door at the side of the machine, also front load washing machines are generally gentler on your clothes than top load ones.
  10. Does it have pre-soak option, because if you are doing laundry for clothes with a lot of stains you may consider.
  11. Cost: One should always have a budget before making any purchases, also the specification that one needs will also determine the cost of the washing machines.
  12. Brand: there are so many brands of washing machines in Kenya, both for domestic and commercial use. Some of the brands in Kenya are LG, Samsung, Hisense, Von, Haier and many others.

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